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About the Jonge Poerink Group

Craftsmanship since 1948

A little history

Jonge Poerink is established in 1948, grandfather Jonge Poerink started the company, he had a wide spreaded network with several companies in and around Hengelo (The Netherlands).

Together with these companies, we have developed manometers and time registration equipment.

This strength of Jonge Poerink has increased in the fifties together with the introduction of our signing procducts and several types of clocks.

Nowadays we supply malls and retaill companies with all kinds of signing products.

With our newest division Monitoring we can control our products, e.g. LED sytems and clocks, if an action is necessary, our sercice department will immediately take the steps to give the required service and solve the problem at site.

Since 1948 Jonge Poerink is distributing these products all over the world.

Nothing has changed.