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Claas is a subsidary of the Jonge Poerink Group


We are Claas

Claas is especially developed for companies who wants to be prepared for the future

Discover the service of Claas

The maintenance and servicing of the clocks is for most companies not the daily business. It is labour-intensive, stressful and complicated.

We have the solution: with our global coverage and monitoring, we can assure you will have a perfectly working clock at all times.


Monitoring 24/7, no surprises. Always a perfect working clock.


Service is the subsidary , that handles the mounting, installation, repair and maintenance of all your purchases. The Jonge Poerink Group offers a standard guarantee of 12 months, besides this we can offer custom made guarantee package up to 120 months.


The maintenance of your clocks is in the hands of Claas.

More information about Claas?

Please contact us, we will help you.

Claas is monitoring

around the clock

It is very important to have a perfect working clock. Claas is taking care of that, monitoring 24/7. If a problem occurs, our service department will take action and solve the problem immediately.

Claas is a subsidary of the Jonge Poerink Group

Subsidaries of the Jonge Poerink Group: Signing - Clocks - Monitoring - Service - Claas